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Items of note

Matt, a Marine in Fallujah, sends this, and some more I won't print here,  about the effect of all the negative garbage from our loyal opposition.


I just watched Lynn Woolsey, (D)-Calif., on MSNBC, talk about passing an appropriation bill with redeployment criteria embedded. This is after she was breathlessly referred to as the "matriarch of the congressional antiwar movement" by the anchor. Her main argument was that "April was the worst month so far! And it's only going to get worse, and WORSE, AND WORSE!"  

How do they think that sh** plays to us? Do people like Rep. Woolsey not recognize that we're watching them when they make these defeatist, "wish you were dead" statements?

Please, PLEASE, if you're ever on CNN or whatever opposite some congressmen confront them about this crap. They're not just campaigning to their echo chamber Dailykonstituency, they are actually personally lowering the morale of individual and specific troops. If they want names I can start asking around the chow hall.

Rocket's Brain Trust is on board with a divest from Iran program to get our pension fund money out of the Mullah's hands.

Patrick of Community Racing Challenge sends this:

The Bob Frahm Community Racing Challenge and Fallen Heroes/Lest They Be Forgotten.org are hosting on May 26th, 2007 at Springport Motor Speedway the 2007 Fallen Heroes 500 Memorial Race.

This exciting racing challenge pits six Mid-Michigan Active Service Members representing Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Army National Guard in a ten-lap Stock Car race to benefit Michigan's Fallen Heroes of Iraq.

B5 reader LongTabSigO sends this about a Vitenam era hero

At the Internet Websites, below, are links to information concerning a Memorial Dedication Ceremony for Special Forces Regiment Soldier and Medal of Honor recipient Captain Rocky Versace on Saturday May 19th, 1100 hours, at the Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School in Virginia Beach.

If you are not aware of CPT Versace's story, very briefly, he, (then)1LT James "Nick" Rowe and a Sgt on Lt Rowe's SFOD "A" were captured by the VC during a firefight in SVN on 29 Oct 63. The VC executed POW CPT Versace in Sep 65 and (now) MAJ Rowe escaped in Dec '68. MAJ Rowe chronicled all, of course, in his book "Five Years to Freedom."

West Point Society      

Obviously  I never met Rocky,  but I did meet Nick Rowe about 2 months before he was assassinated in the Philippines and we were in country when it happened.  If you haven't read "Five Years to Freeedom" do it and remember both of these heroes.

I got to tilt a few last night with Wisconsin Blogger Steve Egg who write the No Runny Eggs blog and we talked politics and all the rest. Great guy and I definitely recommend his blog.