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AP unclear on who the enemy is in NJ

In the Crosshairs- Pulse of the people be damned

The tone, tenor and text of news coverage and political pronouncements about the war have put me in the position of spelling out what ought to be some simple facts. Last week I had to explain that wars can't simply be ended without consequences, somebody wins somebody loses. Now I have a little primer on our democratically elected federal government, specifically it's direct responsivenes to the will of the people.

Much ado has been made of the public's waning support for the war, and how this should affect the conduct of it. Pundits have cited opinion polls and said the President must heed the vox populi, anti-war weasels trumpet the mandate for total surrender they got in the last election. And yet somehow W stands firm, which reminds me of the only reason I really voted for him. I knew he wouldn't quit even if times were tough and it was only his resolve and fortitude stopping a disastrous defeat. He was re-elected to run the war and until Jan '09, so be it.

Mary Katharine Ham has a post-debate Ham Nation up, which works well after Jon Stewart and his team had at them last night on the Daily Show.