Why Democrats can't end the war
There's errata in mi kitchen

In the Crosshairs- You can't end wars

I took my piece from earlier today and recorded it because I wanted the disgust and anger to jump out in a way that text just can't provide. I was aiming for righteous indignation with a back current of wicked pissed.

I also included a shout out to the Milblog Conference as sadly I will not be there. I have issues requiring my attention here in the Mad City, so I humbly request that you do me proud at the conference, but more importantly on the pub crawl. Oh and everyone there please do me a favor and personally tell Ward Carroll I said hi and he owes me for not showing. The video starts with the message for the conference which is perfectly G-rated, but when I get on the Dems be prepared for a quality STFU and a request for the deity to condemn something.

Just a note of thanks to all of you who watch the vids. We will crest 250,000 views today in almost exactly one year, much of which I wasn't even posting during. There are 81 vids for an average of more than 3,000 views per. Gracias un quarter million and I am working on some gear and upgrades (green screen). Subscriptions and back catalog available here.

Priscilla_wade_1 A final note, Editor of  Military.com, patron & host of the Milblog Conference- Ladies & Gentlemen, reprising his starring role in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert I give you Ward Carroll.  Nice codpiece.