The First Casualty of AR 530-1 (2007)
Plame covert- Heads must roll!

Every Wall is a Door

One of the emails I got today had the following quote at the bottom.

Every wall is a door- Ralph Waldo Emerson

A nice reminder that just because you can't see a way through, one exists. Funny that wasn't quite the way I envisioned it though.
One of the more enjoyable things I did was blowing holes through the walls of a hotel to gain rapid access from one room to another. Why you ask? Oh maybe there might be some of our secret squirrel guys in one room maybe meeting with some flavor of bad guy, and a couple of wall-blowin', scunion bringin', door-kickers in the other room in case things turned craptastic. It only took us about three walls before we had it dialed in.

via HotAir and reader Steven G.

Widow of fallen Marine enlists to honor his sacrifice. Wow that's impressive, I wonder if she has a sister?

Alec from ProsebeforeHos sends a link to a few photos from Iraq on Memorial Day. Kinda poignant to see an Iraqi kid take shelter behind a soldier when gunfire breaks out.