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DJ Emery Update 5


If you are unfamiliar with Marine Corporal DJ Emery, please visit the posts listed below for more information:

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MOABS refers to The Mother of All Baby Showers for baby Carlee Emery...wanted to update you all on the Shower:


At the 2007 Military Blog Conference attendees brought baby shower gifts for Carlee.  The table outside the conference hall was packed and it took Smash, Hook, myself, and RSM to pack Carrie's truck with gifts.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that DJ was able to go outside on Monday for the first time!  He can't hold Carlee yet, but he's progressing.  There's still plenty of challenges for him to face and many more surgeries (one might be this weekend).  Infection is still a significant danger.

So keep the prayers and thoughts coming for DJ, Leslie, and Carlee!

You people rock!

UPDATE:  Yesterday, May 9th, the Marine Corps ceased referring to DJ Emery as Corporal...

He is now Sergeant Emery.

Congrats, Sergeant!