Plame covert- Heads must roll!
Finding Answers and IEDs

Defending Rick Rescorla

Rick Rescorla is one of my personal heroes.  Background - You can read about him here and here (this is the link where I first heard about a blog called The Mudville Gazette).  I also featured Rick as Someone You Should Know Radio on Pundit Review.

Unfortunately, during a visit to the hallowed Infantry Museum at Fort Benning, ArmyWifeToddlerMom had to step up and "educate" someone who didn't know who Rick was...we (and the MSM) should follow her lead to make sure that everyone knows the man that was a hero's hero - the man who cut Al Qaeda's potential victory to shreds by saving thousands of human why AWTM kicks ass.  Regulars here will recognize some Blackfive-like irony (call it karma) at the end of her post.