Military Ban on YouTube and MySpace
YouTube, Myspace & the troops

Congress to investigate Camp Falcon attack

I know the folks at Hot Air are trying to do a creditable job of covering major issues of the day, but today Allah is just feeding a Congressional troll. Rep. McDermott, (Moonbat) WA is asking for an invsetigation into a mortar attack that led to several days of secondary explosions.

Insurgents launched an attack on Falcon with rockets and mortars, one of which hit an ammo dump and set off a string of explosions that lasted for hours. The military reported no casualties; jihadist media reported 300 American soldiers dead plus scores more wounded. Their spin has now made it all the way up to McDermott, as part of the anti-war effort to show that no matter how awful conditions are in Iraq, they’re actually even worse than you think.

But who told McDermott?  That’s where it gets interesting:

It was brought to my attention yesterday during a meeting in my Congressional office with Muhammad al-Daini, an independent member of the Iraqi Parliament; he came to the U.S. to talk with Members of Congress about the realities of life in Iraq…

During our meeting I asked Mr. al-Daini if Iraq was so unstable that a terrorist attack could claim a large number of Americans in one attack?…

I wanted to know if such an attack was possible in Iraq. Without hesitation he said such an attack already occurred. He said, and others are saying on-line, that the attack on Camp Falcon killed 300 Americans, wounded another 200, and killed or injured another 200 Iraqis.

Would an Iraqi MP lie?  Well, yeah, maybe: read the Times’s report of Daini’s visit to Capitol Hill, which drips with skepticism about his motives. He’s a Sunni who’s publicly praised the insurgency and whose party is led by a guy who thinks the Baath were the best thing to ever happen to Iraq.

Now he does a good job of debunking the story, but was it even a story? I mean when a renowned barking moonbat Rep. pimps around a tall tale from a known Sunni provocateur it may be entertaining  boloney, but hardly real news. Eh sadly, if unchallenged it would probably be another faux story to become part of the Iraq War mythology.

Just a note on the YouTube, MySpace ban. Aside from losing access to the award-winning, world-renowned videos I do, the troops would be missing out on the video Mom put up og the baby's first steps that Daddy missed because he was busy keeping the world safe for democracy. FFS DOD, bandwidth is a commodity buy some more if you need it. All the telecom companies have tons of dark fiber laid carrying nothing. If you are gonna keep troops away from their families for 15 months at a shot you owe them the best contact possible with their families. If you are not willing to do that you have no right to ask those sacrifices.