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Key West to the Hollywood strip

Chuck's American Vegas Vacation

Think of it as Old School meets Animal House...on mescaline...with flamethrowers...

Chuck is trying to raise some cash for his trip to Vegas for the Blog World Expo on November 7, 8 and 9.  We (various milbloggers including the Chuck-meister) are trying to engage several sponsors to throw a milblogger party bash suare kegger meeting.  Froggy suggested the Ghost Bar at the Rio which happens to be a favorite of mine, as well.  Hear that, O' wondrous corporate guys?

All kidding around aside (because Mrs. Blackfive will read this post), Blog World Expo is shaping up to be quite an interesting event - aside from the discussions, classes, exhibits, forums and techno-babble etc., imagine me, Chuck and Uncle Jimbo sharing the same space with DemUndergrounders and Kos-sacks.  (Exclusive Photo of us after the Jump!  Must credit Blackfive.)

Anyway, go see if you can help sponsor Chuck to get him to Vegas.

BTW, the speedo he mentions is for me Jimbo.