Media Day
Good news from Iraq- The Weekly Fishwrap 29 May 07

Military Posts Today

Mike Yon, awesome as usual, on Memorial Day and happenings in Anbar.

JD Johannes of Outside the Wire concurs with Mike in this great post about debunking some myths but warns that things change quickly in Iraq.

Mike was a guest on Pundit Review Radio to discuss the Awakening in Anbar (the awakening of our forces, not the tribes).

Bruce McQuain of QandO really knocked the cover off of the ball with this Someone You Should Know Radio segment on Pundit Review Radio.  there are two segments with Bruce - the first is about Memorial Day and the second is about how Marine Sergeant Mitchell fought along side Brad Kasal (who y'all better know!) in Fallujah.  Bruce tells the story from a different perspective.  It's well worth your time to listen.

More Moonbattery at the Coast Guard Academy and the Gathering of Eagles team was there.

"May No Soldier Go Unloved" is a book about Soldiers Angels that goes is available for pre-sales now.  Of course, some of the proceeds will go towards supports our returning heroes.  Order your copy now!

I'm a little late with this, but the most excellent David Axe at Aviation Week has an article about the new and improved A-10 Thunderbolt (better and more affectionately known as the Warthog).  And for you Warthog junkies, David's Flickr page has some really cool A-10 photos.

Bill Roggio's Fourth Rail is an amazing resource to find out what is happening in the war on terror.  Be sure to check out Bill's daily Iraq report.