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Army PFC Stephen C. Sanford - Someone You Should Know

Attn George Tenet- Losers don't get a victory lap

I saw George Tenet on the Daily Show last night and to call that man a disgrace would do him a favor he has not earned. He smirked his way through an interview where Stewart framed each question in a " So when Bush and the rest of the evil neocons tried to get you to lie you stood firm right?" He never challenged any of the ridiculous assertions in Stewart's " questions" and simply nodded in concurrence as the entire Bush crew was indicted by noted military strategist and intelligence guru Jon Stewart. What a sad and sorry performance by a man who has managed to accomplish nothing more than abject failure.

W decided to show some bi-partisanship and kept the Clinton-appointed mutt on board, mistake #1, then after the most monumental intelligence failure in our history failed to fire him after 9/11, mistake #2. Then in one of the most grotesque awards ceremonies ever W gave him the Presidential Medal of Freedom, you are out and out of touch with reality. Shameful, he should have booted him in the ass and forced him to title his book, How to completely screw the pooch as CIA Director.

This pitiful loser has earned himself the opening segment of the Freefly which we will film this evening.