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More On the Military Ban of Websites and OpSec Restrictions on bloggers

Attention Washington Post Editors

Here's one for you.

And here's another one (you should honestly consider hiring this writer).

One more.

Seriously, I hope that guy is working for free...because you've got someone who is so obviously out of touch with the military writing about, well, military affairs.

Update: To address this from Arkin:

...The MilBloggers got an extra boost of attention after the news about the Army's "crackdown" on blogs, with the overheated claim that the new operations security (OPSEC) and bandwidth rules cut off soldiers from their families and restricting people's freedoms. An extra boost from whom, you ask? From the mainstream media they so seemingly despise...

We don't despise the mainstream media, Bill.

We. Just. Despise. You.