In the Crosshairs- Pulse of the people be damned

AP unclear on who the enemy is in NJ

MOUNT LAUREL, N.J. - Six nationals of the former Yugoslavia were arrested early Tuesday on charges they plotted to attack the Fort Dix Army base and "kill as many soldiers as possible," federal authorities said.

So the characteristic of these men that the AP thought would best identify them was "nationals of the former Yugoslavia" FFS, do we realy have a long-standing,  global-reaching beef with "Nationals of the former Yugoslavia"? Now I realize this is a somewhat preliminary report, but if they have ascertained that the men are former Yugo drivers I imagine they know names and maybe beard lengths, or the habit of praying 5 times daily, or the usual Islamist BS.

I could obviously be wrong and this could be the tip of that iceberg of former Yugoslavian hatred of America and our soldiers, or not.

Much better coverage at Confederate Yankee, I just liked the ID of the bad guys.