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First Muslim Aviator to Command Squadron

Anbar Sitrep from an NCO

Thought I'd share this situation report from a pal in Anbar.  This is the truth from the ground from the men who do the fighting:

...Our morale for killing the enemy is high, but to a man everyone is thoroughly disgusted with the US and all of the stupid things that people are saying about the war.  Even watching commercials on TV here makes you upset when you see just how frivolous it all is.  You really have to come here to understand just how well things are going at least here in Anbar.  AQIZ is getting rolled up left and right and our attacks right now are averaging less than 2 per week in the entire AO! The ones that they do pull off are incredibly weak and all I see on FNC [Blackfive: Fox News Channel] is spot reps of a vbied someplace in the country.  I know there are hot areas, but I read all the intel reports and we are creaming these fools. 

[armor unit]  is an army unit here [Blackfive Note:  Oh HELL YEAH!  ARMOR!] and they just got done f@#king up AQIZ in [redacted] big time.  They swept through the joint and just slayed fools.  We are having trouble figuring out where to go right now because everybody is getting rolled and the locals are ratting them out constantly.  I'm serious, it is dead out here.  That could change, but the people here are not having it anymore.  The biggest problem in Ramadi is no electricity.  It's getting hot out so that is going to suck for the people in a month or so.  Apparently the way the grid is setup makes it difficult to fix but hopefully someone is working on it.  Not my department...

Somebody tell Congress how we're doing (Reid and Pelosi want to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory).