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West Point Continues A Magnificient Tradition

A reader sends this story about the United States Military Academy:

Lt. Gen. Franklin Hagenbeck is the Superintendent at the U.S. Military Academy and previously served as the Director of Personnel for the Army. “This is the best Army that America has ever had” he tells me. “The kids that sign up are extraordinary. Two out of three of the males in America today between the ages of 18 and 24 are not even qualified to walk through our recruiter’s door in any of our military services. Now maybe that’s an indictment on our society, perhaps so, maybe both, but about a third of those who are qualified, they are coming through the door at unprecedented rates, and I can't say enough good things about them."

There are also some young ladies coming through that door:

Deanna Comstock says she’s wanted to be a West Point cadet since her Dad brought her to the campus when she was six years old. Now she’s in her second year. “I was enamored from that point on. I bought a patch in the gift shop. It’s still on my desk now, and I'm 22 and so it’s been a long time,” she said.

Deanna’s already served as an MP in Iraq before starting her West Point stint. “I'd love to play video games and sit in my room, I just don't have time. Right now my country is at war, it suffered some pretty horrendous attacks and I'm from New York so that really hit home. I could be a part of this to advance freedom in the world, and I went for it, and decided that’s what I wanted to do.”

If you're of that age and you can meet the standards, there's little better that you can do with your life.