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US Colonels ought to hush about Brits in Iran

We had quite a few heavy condemnations of the conduct of the British troops kidnapped by Iran. A couple of crotchety old US Colonels, Jacobs and Peters, saw fit to verbally pummel the Brits for their perceived weakness in the face of the enemy.

I saw the same shots while they were in captivity and the press conference afterwards, and I think both the Colonels would do themselves a favor by shutting their cakeholes. While there is plenty of blame to be passed around, it rightly belongs to the idiots running the Ministry of Defense who saw fit to cover a warship in Rules of Engagement that effectively shackled it. ROE are not optional and the troops in question were ordered to surrender, any other action would have been criminal.

Jacobs called their actions disgusting, disreputable and dishonorable. That is a sad statement and Col. Jacobs ought to have more respect for what he says, especially if he is going to run his mouth for money on TV. He reminded me of Ann Coulter or Keith Olberman ginning up some manufactured outrage for the camera.

None of the Brits gave up any important intel, and it is unlikely they had any to give up at all. The little vignettes the Iranian's paraded them through were so obviously staged that their participation was almost comical. The letters from the female were written so poorly no one thought she was calling for withdrawal from Iraq. They also stated that the supposed confessions they were in Iranian waters were edited, no really?

The backslapping and gripping and grinning with Ahmadinejad was nauseating, but that was just more stiff upper-lipping and par for the course everywhere I've run into Brits. They are ridiculously polite and proper. No the troopies did just fine and acquitted themselves with nothing to apologize for. Now the British government and Ministry of Defense? Some sackings are absolutely called for.

The petty personal attacks by the talking head Colonels here were absolutely uncalled for and they should be judged based on their shamefulness. For all the talk of supporting the troops both these officers chose to attack them personally, rather than properly blaming the foolish senior officers and bureaucrats who sold them out.