A Word About Uncle Jimbo on CNN

Uncle J infiltrates CNN

Update: CNN's Pentagon correspondent Jamie Mcintyre was the other guest on the segment and I emailed him after saying that since he agreed with me on this bit and Arwa Damon did on the last one they were gonna get me in trouble with the VRWC. He sent back that he hadn't agreed with me that the sniper video was propaganda and that they added a comment from him about that after they finished with me. So it looks like it's still in, I will have to see his retort and then loose my parry and riposte.

Taped the segment for CNN's This Week at War today at lunch on Lynch and Tillman and I don't think I said anything overwhelmingly stupid. I actually got in an excellent shot at the end when Tom Foreman, the host, asked me whether since the enemy was getting much better at propaganda what could we do to counter it. This will be a test for their fair and balancedness 'cuz I hit him dead in the cake with:

"You kinda force me to remind you that you folks ran some pretty heinous sniper video of the bad guys killing our troops on CNN"

Oh yes I did, right on Uncle Teddy's own network. Anyhow the program airs Sat. at 7 pm Eastern and again Sun. at 1 pm Eastern. I will record and upload it although if somebody else could grab a copy I would be grateful as I occasionally am a complete Muppet.