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Thursday Prefly 04- Tillman & Lynch testimony a witch hunt?

Update: I think the most definitive account of what happened to Jessica Lynch was written by Richard S. Lowry in Weekly Standard and I read it prior to making this bit. Richard popped up in the comments here and I definitely suggest you read his piece.

Re-Update- The CNN gig is a go, so I will be filming a segment for This Week at War tomorrow at lunch about this very topic. It airs Sat. at 7 pm Eastern and Sun. at 1 pm Eastern.

Kev & I filmed last night from a secure, undisclosed location and I will post one of the topics now as I have a request. I should be filming a segment for CNN's "This Week at War" tomorrow at lunch about Lynch and Tillman's testimony on Capitol Hill. My one over the world view says Lynch's tale was invented by the media, Tillman's by the Army. No blame for the military in Lynch's case, 9 senior officers punished, careers over, in Tillman's. Yes there was a cover up, yes it was a very bad idea and those responsible are through. The hearings now are basically a witch hunt and there is no more there there.

My other point would be that we have lost the mechanism for creating heroes. In WWII film of heroes would have run before the show at the movies. Now we are only going to see Abu Ghraib and Gitmo.

So here is Kev & I waxing rhapsodic on hero-creation. I would appreciate feedback and opinions on the topic, well... as usual eh? Couple of F-bombs on the Language alert scene.

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