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The Cast Of Characters: Part One


For Klueless and other trolls, and for those new to the site, I've begun preparing a visual primer to the members of Blackfive. In this way, you will have an idea of who is writing what, and begin to get to know the cast a bit better. Today, we are starting with the ground pounders and the token civilian here.

Our host, Beerable Lecter, is the head of the team. He bravely leads into the fray and is quick to slaughter a bottle or three -- and crazy enough to let the rest of us post here. BTW, he has served and the trolls, trolleys, and other such delights would do well to study his bona fides before tossing around comments about serving and such. He has indeed seen the elephant and has the damage to prove it. Now, this is a rare photo of Beerable, in that he is wearing white instead of his usual metro-fly-green shirt and garb.

Moving counterclockwise, we encounter Bad Acting, who carries on under the nom-de-plume of Uncle Jimbo. Watch the videos and you see why the nom-de-plume, for when a huskey mix out performs you... For the tools out there, check the bona fides before tossing around ignorant comments.

Continuing on around the backwards clock you find howling pilot and rogue civilian Laughing Wolf. Yes, I am quite mad, as evidenced by this post.

To the right is the distinguished and debonair Mr. Wolf. He earned that name during is time in Iraq, and has the chops to back what he says. You would be wise to listen to Mr. Wolf...

In the center is our intellectual center the bearish Grim. Erudite, thoughtful, and far more patient than most here, he too has the background to add experience to the thoughtful discussions.

Next up will be an introduction to the naval contingent, and if you think this is bad...

Meantime, study up and use this to keep straight who is writing what dear trolls. It helps when you use the proper names and at least have some idea of who you are attacking so as to use appropriate ad homs.

For the rest of you, I hope this will get you to learn a bit more about the cast and provide a laugh on which to end the day.

who wonders if this counts as the eye candy the ladies requested?