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April 2007

Intelligence Officers: Need a Job?

Have you thought about Wal-Mart?

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has been recruiting former military and government intelligence officers for a branch of its global security office aimed at identifying threats to the world's largest retailer, including from "suspect individuals and groups".

Wal-Mart's interest in intelligence operatives comes at a time when the retailer is defending itself against allegations by a fired security employee that it ran surveillance operations against targets including critics, dissident shareholders, employees and suppliers. Wal-Mart has denied any wrongdoing.

Wal-Mart posted ads in March on its own web site and sites for security professionals, including the bulletin of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers, for "global threat analysts" with a background in government or military intelligence work.

The jobs were listed with the Analytical Research Center, part of Wal-Mart's Global Security division, which is headed by former senior CIA and FBI senior officer Kenneth Senser. The analytical unit was created over the past year and half, according to published comments by its head, Army Special Operations veteran David Harrison.

H/t: Secrecy News.  SN is always interesting, if you're not familiar with it.  It's a wing of the Federation of American Scientists, and keeps tabs on open source information related to government secrecy. 

MilBloggers on The Failure of Generals

Grim has a piece up (scroll down one post) about his thoughts on A Failure of Generalship in Armed Forces Journal:

...Congressional confirmation procedures are something we've seen a lot of over the last several years. Does anyone really believe that these procedures ever, ever, ever even once, "reward moral courage"?

Let's say you want to be on the Supreme Court. Or an ambassador. Whatever. Does it help or hurt your chances if you've ever expressed strong opinions about any controversial topic?

Reward moral courage? That's the best way I can think of to make sure that no one of moral courge is ever considered for the post...

More here.

Update:  Dadmanly, Neptunus Lex, Greyhawk(1) and Greyhawk(2), Chap and others really fill in the gaps in the analysis of the article that you'll see in the media.

A Word About Uncle Jimbo on CNN

Uncle Jimbo was surrounded on CNN, and like any paratrooper or SF Soldier, being surrounded is normal SOP.  And he absolutely rocked!

CNN's panels about Iraq are amazing in their level of bias.  Juan Cole (WTH?!), Democrat Strategists, and others are just one indicator.  Several pointed to Gen. McCaffrey's report that states that there is no safe areas in Iraq.  I guess no one mentioned that to 60% of the country (not to mention the Kurds).

[Right after the panel basically declared the war lost, I received an email from an operator in Anbar who said we owned the enemy there.]

There's no doubt that Arwa Damon, Nic Robertson, and the other war zone journalists are very courageous people.  In fact, I think very highly of Arwa Damon aside from courage (I've heard quite a bit of commendation from the troops - Marine and Soldier alike - for her fairness and professionalism).

Barbara Starr is always breathless in her statements. I kind of doubt that many senior military service people would open up to her knowing that she'll blow everything out of proportion or use it to propel her status.

CNN Propaganda? - broadcasting Al Qaeda sniper propaganda, Peter Arnette pronouncing troops slaughtered in Baghdad during the invasion, Eason Jordan making deals with Saddam in exchange for access, and also pronouncing that our troops are intentionally killing journalists.

CNN has a long way to go to win back my trust as a network.  If Jim wasn't on, I wouldn't have watched it.

That said, there are good people at CNN.  And keep in mind that they asked for either Jim or I to be on their program.

Uncle J infiltrates CNN

Update: CNN's Pentagon correspondent Jamie Mcintyre was the other guest on the segment and I emailed him after saying that since he agreed with me on this bit and Arwa Damon did on the last one they were gonna get me in trouble with the VRWC. He sent back that he hadn't agreed with me that the sniper video was propaganda and that they added a comment from him about that after they finished with me. So it looks like it's still in, I will have to see his retort and then loose my parry and riposte.

Taped the segment for CNN's This Week at War today at lunch on Lynch and Tillman and I don't think I said anything overwhelmingly stupid. I actually got in an excellent shot at the end when Tom Foreman, the host, asked me whether since the enemy was getting much better at propaganda what could we do to counter it. This will be a test for their fair and balancedness 'cuz I hit him dead in the cake with:

"You kinda force me to remind you that you folks ran some pretty heinous sniper video of the bad guys killing our troops on CNN"

Oh yes I did, right on Uncle Teddy's own network. Anyhow the program airs Sat. at 7 pm Eastern and again Sun. at 1 pm Eastern. I will record and upload it although if somebody else could grab a copy I would be grateful as I occasionally am a complete Muppet.


RE:  Spiritual Warfare - Marine Corporal David Emery Jr. (February 2007)
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MOABS in DC you ask?

The Mother of All Baby Showers for baby Carlee Emery...


Andi has a great idea - bring baby stuff for Carlee to the Milblog Conference.

Fuzzilicious Thinking has the link to DJ and Leslie's Target Baby Registry, and there's plenty of gifts to choose from...(that's a hint, people).

Friday Freefly 08- Defeatist Dems could push Lieberman over the line

Update: Mary Katharine Ham is funning Suess-style with her Ham Nation today and also envious of our Bacardi sponsorship. I will see what I can do for her.

The Freefly looks at the increasingly open attacks by the leaders of the Democratic party on our foreign policy and warfighting efforts. They wrongly assume they can actively undermine our cause by making common cause with our enemies. Their intentions become irrelevant once their actions directly benefit our enemies and amount to handing them a victory. We can only hope that their disgraceful political weaseling finally pushes Joe Lieberman over the edge, Do it Joe!

The Uncle J video channel is here

The CNN gig is a go and I film a segment for This Week at War about Jessica Lynch, Pat Tillman and hero-making today at lunch. The second bit of the Freefly was on this topic and I posted it yesterday.

The Cast Of Characters: Part One


For Klueless and other trolls, and for those new to the site, I've begun preparing a visual primer to the members of Blackfive. In this way, you will have an idea of who is writing what, and begin to get to know the cast a bit better. Today, we are starting with the ground pounders and the token civilian here.

Our host, Beerable Lecter, is the head of the team. He bravely leads into the fray and is quick to slaughter a bottle or three -- and crazy enough to let the rest of us post here. BTW, he has served and the trolls, trolleys, and other such delights would do well to study his bona fides before tossing around comments about serving and such. He has indeed seen the elephant and has the damage to prove it. Now, this is a rare photo of Beerable, in that he is wearing white instead of his usual metro-fly-green shirt and garb.

Moving counterclockwise, we encounter Bad Acting, who carries on under the nom-de-plume of Uncle Jimbo. Watch the videos and you see why the nom-de-plume, for when a huskey mix out performs you... For the tools out there, check the bona fides before tossing around ignorant comments.

Continuing on around the backwards clock you find howling pilot and rogue civilian Laughing Wolf. Yes, I am quite mad, as evidenced by this post.

To the right is the distinguished and debonair Mr. Wolf. He earned that name during is time in Iraq, and has the chops to back what he says. You would be wise to listen to Mr. Wolf...

In the center is our intellectual center the bearish Grim. Erudite, thoughtful, and far more patient than most here, he too has the background to add experience to the thoughtful discussions.

Next up will be an introduction to the naval contingent, and if you think this is bad...

Meantime, study up and use this to keep straight who is writing what dear trolls. It helps when you use the proper names and at least have some idea of who you are attacking so as to use appropriate ad homs.

For the rest of you, I hope this will get you to learn a bit more about the cast and provide a laugh on which to end the day.

who wonders if this counts as the eye candy the ladies requested?

Thursday Prefly 04- Tillman & Lynch testimony a witch hunt?

Update: I think the most definitive account of what happened to Jessica Lynch was written by Richard S. Lowry in Weekly Standard and I read it prior to making this bit. Richard popped up in the comments here and I definitely suggest you read his piece.

Re-Update- The CNN gig is a go, so I will be filming a segment for This Week at War tomorrow at lunch about this very topic. It airs Sat. at 7 pm Eastern and Sun. at 1 pm Eastern.

Kev & I filmed last night from a secure, undisclosed location and I will post one of the topics now as I have a request. I should be filming a segment for CNN's "This Week at War" tomorrow at lunch about Lynch and Tillman's testimony on Capitol Hill. My one over the world view says Lynch's tale was invented by the media, Tillman's by the Army. No blame for the military in Lynch's case, 9 senior officers punished, careers over, in Tillman's. Yes there was a cover up, yes it was a very bad idea and those responsible are through. The hearings now are basically a witch hunt and there is no more there there.

My other point would be that we have lost the mechanism for creating heroes. In WWII film of heroes would have run before the show at the movies. Now we are only going to see Abu Ghraib and Gitmo.

So here is Kev & I waxing rhapsodic on hero-creation. I would appreciate feedback and opinions on the topic, well... as usual eh? Couple of F-bombs on the Language alert scene.

Subscribe to the video channel or see the back catalog here

It's Lieberman time

Do it Joe, do it! It's gotta just make your guts churn every time you see that treacherous weasel Reid selling the troops and our security down the river.

Do it Joe, do the whole freakin' Senate (ref?) Throw that loser out on his ass.

Do it. Just the thought of the nutroots losing their everlovin' minds as Cheney casts the deciding vote is poetry.

Do it Joe. I have said too many times that Russ Feingold is about the only principled person in Congress, but you have him beat. He is principled but wrong on almost everything. You are principled and right on the most important things.

So.............Do it Joe!

This comes up on the Friday Freefly as well, which I may post this afternoon just to be a violator.