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Note from Army Sergeant on the value and meaning of Joint OPS

An Army Sergeant sends this note about how Joint this war has become...I thought it was very interesting:

Things have become very complicated with patches. I am book-ended right now (I have [redcated army division] on both shoulders), but we are serving under [redacted army division]. Our Brigade battle-space is mainly [redacted], but we also have Battalions wearing [redacted - different army division], [redacted - another different army division], [redacted - yet another army division], and [redacted - the best army division] patches on their shoulders answering to our Brigade. [Some] are wearing [redacted] Marine Division patches on their right shoulders since they worked with them on that deployment...

And the mixing of the services is also continuing in the Brigade. Everyone may be wearing ACUs, but if you look at the rank, and at the service tab above the right pocket, you will find a lot of Navy and Air Force. Our Company has three different services in it right now, and from a distance, you can't tell the difference (but that is the point right now in this theater). We had a truck find itself in the middle of a firefight a few weeks ago that was being driven by an Air Force NCO. As they started taking RPG fire from the building they were next to, the strikers next to them opened up on the enemy, and attack air hovered over the top of them with weapons blazing. The USAF NCO was a little shaken when he came back, but just smiled when we looked at him and welcomed him to ground combat. He performed as well as any soldier in the company. It is interesting to read articles with ideas about mixing the forces, and to walk down the hall and see it in action. And yes, they are wearing both left and right shoulder patches along with the rest of us. They have earned it, and we are glad they are here...