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Mikey Ware still a clown, defended by Media Matters

I always enjoy watching the MSM, and it's lefty online supporters, screwing up by the numbers and then pointing a finger at the bloggers as the actual maroons. Eric Boehlert from Media Matters tried just that today and one of the bloggers he attempted to toss under the bus was your humble narrator. Good luck with that buddy.  In a scene perfectly reminiscent of the Jamil Hussein affair where Michelle Malkin and crew exposed the laughable sourcing used by the AP for many of it's Iraq stories, Boehlert references this event with the sadly mistaken notion that she was punked. Wrongo there chum, she showed in incredible detail just how thinly sourced dozens and dozens of AP stories were and pretending that isn't so doesn't change the facts.

Back to Mikey Ware and his disruption of McCain's press conference
. Boehlert operates on the assumption that the original story was debunked, when actually it was simply unconfirmed. Looks like my heartfelt apology may have been premature.

From Allah:

This makes three independent reports of distracting chuckling during the presser: Drudge’s original much-maligned story, which accused Michael Ware by name of “heckling;” AFP’s story from last Tuesday, which cited “giggling” by an unnamed reporter; and now J-Mac himself, who appeared yesterday on Sean Hannity’s radio show to do a little rebunking of Raw Story’s debunking. Hannity volunteers Ware’s name and McCain doesn’t correct him, but even in McCain’s case the knowledge is secondhand: apparently it was Lindsey Graham and the rest of the contingent who noticed the disturbance while McCain was answering someone’s question.

Really now, well that puts a little different spin on it and I will gladly quote Mr. Boehlert's quotes of my name-calling and intentional meanness.

For instance, certain that Drudge's report was accurate, warblogger Uncle Jimbo at Blackfive tagged Ware as a "one man clown car," an "unhinged" "media jackal," and an "idiot". Jimbo later posted a sneering video apology, in which he referred to Ware as "excremental" and a "tool."

I don't see anything there I feel like withdrawing, matter of fact I feel like doubling down. Ware is a clown based on his unhinged commentary and completely biased anti-American positions. Boehlert is a marginally-informed wanking device who has managed to put the semblance of research out as Pravda. His truth manages to ignore the fact that Ware's clowning has been corroborated, and that Michelle's dismantling of AP was a thorough fileting of their lack of control over the sourcing of much of their reporting.

Sneer away about the fool warbloggers all you want Mr. Boehlert, we are still kicking your ass for accuracy and in my case definitely for entertainment value. I know it stings when the un-annointed masses start reading alternative sermons to your flock, but that's just undeserved pride and arrogance being sand-blasted away Eric. We'll stop when we get to some truth and fair reporting.