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Marines Regulate Fallen But Never Forgotten

Mike Yon with the Brits in Iraq

Photo of British Soldier after combat operations by Michael Yon.

Here's a piece of Mike Yon's latest dispatch.  He was embedded with British Troops in Basra, Iraq:

...The unilateral British operation began in mid-afternoon on 10 April, kicked off with rapid ground assaults on half a dozen target houses in the district, in an attempt to kill or capture key local militia leaders, including known terrorists such as “The Turban,” who local British forces call “The Turbinator.” The soldiers of 5 Platoon were combat proven after five months of fighting. Last week, they were engaged in a sharp firefight. One soldier captured the action with videocam on his helmet as six enemy were killed in the street fighting, including one enemy who suffered a direct hit from a 5 Platoon grenade launcher. There were no friendly casualties.

Now 5 Platoon was leading a key part of Operation Arezzo, their only effective close air support were the British snipers on rooftops. We approached the first target, and the Squaddies rushed out the back of the Bulldog with me in tow, crashing through gates and tossing flashbang grenades into doorways before bursting into houses...

Be sure to read the whole piece, and when you're done, hit his sponsor button to keep Mike in Iraq and fully equipped (a camera lens was smashed on this operation).