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Marine Lieutenant Andrew Kinard Update

First, read the original post about the challenges faced by Lieutenant Andrew Kinard.  Here's part of it:

...Marine Lieutenant Andrew Kinard was on patrol in Iraq and was hit by an IED (three other Marines were hit, too).  Apparently, before shock set in, Kinard established security and asked about his men, then passed out.  The damage to his body was extremely severe.  I don't know who the hospital corpsman was who assisted Lt. Kinard, but I know that Kinard went into cardiac arrest twice and lost most of his blood - whoever that corpsman is, he is a miracle worker.  Andrew was flown to Al Asad (by that time had used 67 units of blood), then Germany and now Bethesda.  He has lost his right leg above the knee, the left leg at his pelvis, and he has lots of internal damage to his intestines, kidneys, etc.  He's on a ventalator.  He  is fighting infections.  He's been awake only a few times since his injury...

Then, Carrie sends this update - a news story about the Lieutenant that you should read.

But the highlight of the week comes today, when Alpha Company -- Andrew's company -- gets home from a seven-month deployment.

In all, about 270 Marines and sailors from various arms of the 2nd Marine Division's 2nd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion will roll into Camp Lejeune today.

It's a moment Andrew has been waiting for since fully waking up in a hospital a month after the blast.

And, it's a moment that almost didn't happen...

More at Go (plus many other stories about Kinard and the support he's received).

Thanks for your prayers and thoughts.