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Marine Corporal DJ Emery Update 3

RE:  Spiritual Warfare - Marine Corporal David Emery Jr. (February 2007)
RE:  Spiritual Warfare - DJ Emery (March 2007)
RE:  Marine Corporal DJ Emery Update 2 (April 13, 2007)

A lot has happened this week for DJ.  Ups and downs every day.  His white cell count dropped significantly but there were other complications.  I struggle with sharing info because, for every good sign, there's another complication.

Prayers are STILL NEEDED!

Perhaps, to me, the most encouraging thing this week, and keep in mind that DJ probably doesn't know how bad his situation is (I doubt that he knows his legs have been amputated)...DJ was able to write one tell his wife that he loved her.  Through the drugs, the pain, the horror of what he's been through, deep inside, in his core...Semper Fidelis.

And, Leslie's water broke last night, so DJ is most likely a dad by now. 

So, keeping thinking and praying for DJ and Leslie, and soon we'll say greetings to Carlee Emery, the newest member to the military family!

Update 930AM CST:  No baby yet!

Update 1200 CST:  Carlee Emery was born at 11AM.  Six pounds, two ounces.  Twenty inches long. 

And, from DJ's caring pages site, we're reminded that today is DJ Emery Day and Carlee's birthday.