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Marine Corporal DJ Emery Update 2

RE:  Spiritual Warfare - Marine Corporal David Emery Jr. (February 2007)
RE:  Spiritual Warfare - DJ Emery (March 2007)

An update - here's a few things that have been happening to DJ and Leslie.  Please continue to wage Spiritual Warfare on DJ's behalf.  Here's the latest message on his Care Pages web site.  DJ has had some very rough days this week:

...DJ had a much better day yesterday. He sat in a chair for the first time and seemed to enjoy being out of the bed. His heart rate was still very high and doctors can't quite figure out why, but his kidneys have begun to function better and drain some of the excess fluids out of his body. He was communicating with Connie and Leslie yesterday through the talking communication board Heidi and Stretch took down last weekend, asking them about the different Marines who had been in to visit him. Connie said he was "playing" with baby Carlee and winking at them. DJ still has not realized that his legs have been amputated as far as Connie and Leslie are aware. He was complaining about knee pain yesterday and asked for ice for his knee at one point in time. Connie is assuming these are the "phantom pains" that people experience when they have a limb amputated.

DJ was scheduled to go back to the OR today for his typical routine. They are hoping it doesn't take the toll on his body that it has been and that he returns to the good state he was in yesterday.

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers!  God does hear us, how could he miss this many people sending messages? 

Keep fighting DJ, we all do love you very much!... 

The guys at Pundit Review found a heartwarming update about the support that Leslie and DJ have been receiving:

Bellefonte to mark 'D.J. Emery Day'

BELLEFONTE -- Bellefonte Mayor Stanley Goldman issued a proclamation at Monday's council meeting declaring April 21 as "D.J. Emery Day" in Bellefonte to honor a native son and U.S. Marine fighting for his life after being wounded in Iraq.

Cpl. David Emery Jr., 21, was wounded Feb. 7 by a suicide bomber in Anbar province, Iraq, and is clinging to life in a naval hospital in Bethesda, Md., his pregnant wife and family at his side.

With doctors telling his family they are surprised the Marine is holding on, Bellefonte's mayor recognized his struggle Monday.

"Making one of the greatest sacrifices humanly possible, losing both legs, having a shattered arm and a severe abdominal wound, Cpl. Emery, a shining example of faith and courage, continues at this moment to fight valiantly for his life, with his mother, pregnant wife, and family members lovingly at his side," Goldman wrote in his proclamation.

And another one from Pundit Review about a new house:

'Good tears' flow after surprise gift
By Pete Bosak

WINGATE -- Leslie Shivery felt guilty leaving the bedside of her critically wounded husband, Marine Cpl. David "D.J." Emery Jr., to accept an award from Centre County's Marine Corps League -- or so she thought -- on her husband's behalf Friday.

She doesn't regret the trip anymore.

Shivery was stunned Friday when she was taken by limousine to a manufactured home in the Blarney Stone development to find dozens of friends and family waiting for her, along with the Nittany Leathernecks Detachment of the Marine Corps League and several active-duty Marines in full dress uniforms.

She cried when she saw the Marines. She cried even harder when she was told the house in front of her now belongs to her and her husband...

Read the whole article here.