The Cast Of Characters: Part One

Friday Freefly 08- Defeatist Dems could push Lieberman over the line

Update: Mary Katharine Ham is funning Suess-style with her Ham Nation today and also envious of our Bacardi sponsorship. I will see what I can do for her.

The Freefly looks at the increasingly open attacks by the leaders of the Democratic party on our foreign policy and warfighting efforts. They wrongly assume they can actively undermine our cause by making common cause with our enemies. Their intentions become irrelevant once their actions directly benefit our enemies and amount to handing them a victory. We can only hope that their disgraceful political weaseling finally pushes Joe Lieberman over the edge, Do it Joe!

The Uncle J video channel is here

The CNN gig is a go and I film a segment for This Week at War about Jessica Lynch, Pat Tillman and hero-making today at lunch. The second bit of the Freefly was on this topic and I posted it yesterday.