Thursday Prefly 02- "Another Drink"
Attention Scotch Lovers - Tartan Day Gathering of the Blogs

Friday Freefly 06- Nancy Pelosi, Dhimmi Dem & Music by Michael of SAND

The Freefly went down with our first musical guest, Michael Alexander from Madison band SAND. He played a couple of songs and the whole band will be playing next Thursday night Apr 12 at the Club Tavern in Middleton 9 pm. Plus Kev and I manage to comment on Madame Speaker's excursion to the Middle East and Iran's President what's his name?

First an intro from Kev and the song "Melissa" and I think Michael has a little James Brown in his pronunciations.

What in the world was Nancy Pelosi thinking?

Michael did another song for us called "Another drink" which you can see here. You know if you subscribe to my channel at YouTube you can see the Friday Freefly hours or maybe even day before the rest of the herd.