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Excellent piece on Danny Dietz in Denver Post

MM points out as good a response as needs written to those quivering in their sandals about a memorial to a true hero in Littleton CO. I spend plenty of time slagging media types and fair being fair here are some well-deserved kudos. David Harsanyi, a Denver Post staff columnist, pens a nicely biting retort to the milquetoasts fearing for their children's exposure to an evil war-mongering image a statue of a US Navy SEAL carrying the tool of his trade.

Mr. Harsanyi writes:

Maybe those parents offended by a proposed war memorial in Littleton believe that freedom can be defended using snappy bumper stickers.

Luckily, Danny Dietz knew better.

For now, despite the protestations of a handful of locals, the memorial to honor this Navy SEAL, Navy Cross winner and Colorado native killed after volunteering for action in Afghanistan will go on as scheduled.

A wonderful statue of Dietz holding a rifle will be placed in the vicinity of schools and playgrounds - near many impressionable children.

Really, there's no better spot for it. The more kids see it, the better.

You get an Amen from me on that, and maybe we can get someone to take field trips there and tell the kids the story of Danny Dietz, Matthew Axelson, Mike Murphy & the survivor of that battle known as The One, Marcus Luttrell.

Regardless it is good to see folks standing up to the ridiculous whimperings of those who are too weak to understand why heroes matter. Thanks again Mr. Harsanyi.

Matt's piece with all the stuff about these guys.