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Dem leaders disgust- Politics triumphant

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.: "We're going to pick up Senate seats as a result of this war."

Allah has video of John Edwards applying his monumental experience in counter-insurgency and deciding that the surge is already a failure, likely to become a quagmire. Stick to your coiffure or lying to juries pretty boy.

A growing number of Dem politicos seem to be feeling safer advocating outright defeat, and you just gotta wonder why. I know the left wing is flapping up a storm and sucking all the O2 out of the room, but do they really think that they can craft an electoral majority that includes MoveOn, Code Pink and also soccer moms. They seem to be forgetting that many Americans who answer poll questions saying they would like the war to end, are not going to share much common ground wih CommonDreams. The left is a crazy place these days and the question is whether unhappiness with progress in Iraq is scarier than the appeasement police in charge of foreign policy.

Reid's statement perfectly encapsulates his, and his party's, unseriousness about the actual dangers we face. Reveling in the political gains you make from the blood of our troops is beyond shameful and Reid is a swine. He is representative of the worst part of his party and they are running the asylum. Both Pelosi and Reid are dim political tools barely able to parrot their talking points. Their leadership is the most valuable arrow in Karl Rove's quiver. The more idiotic ideas, statements and actions they manage the better chance we have of President Fred Thompson staring down the Mullahs, instead of President Clinton feeling their pain.

Maybe America has gone completely spineless and we just wanna lay on the couch whining about that talentless mop of hair on American Idol, but I like to hold out a little hope. I like to believe that the left has far overplayed it's hand going all in on a nuttah flush draw (nice metaphority eh?) Just because everyone the lefties know believes a loss would teach the American Imperial monster a lesson, doesn't mean rest of us really want a loss. Voters were unhappy with the situation, I'm not sure they know the Dems prescribed euthanasia. Bad call in my mind, we shall see.