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CNN challenged to debate jihadi sniper video

When I found out that Jamie McIntyre was going to be the guest with me on CNN I had to take a look to see if I had written anything particularly wicked about him. I assumed I had since he is CNN's Pentagon correspondent and they are my favorite target after the AP. Surprisingly nothing. I knew immediately who he was because he was one of Rummy's most frequent antagonists during press briefings, but somehow he had not forced me to lay a smackdown on him.

After the show I sent an email thanking him, the producer and host and kinda half apologizing for the sniper shot, but noting I have to take the open ones. Mr. McIntyre replied noting they had filmed a retort to my bearding of the lion in his den, but apparently decided not to air it. I would love to debate that point with him, certainly on CNN or anywhere else for that matter. I have fairly strong & well-supported thoughts that it amounted to airing enemy propaganda and would be interested in and will request a chance to make that point.

The reason I instantly knew who he was is his perfectly skeptical look. He used to lay this on Rumsfeld and you could see the burn. It looks like he has thrown his BS flag as soon as you start talking. It would have been a shame for him to be anything other than a reporter or maybe a defense attorney. I have come up with a name for a blog for him and I think it's spot on.

THE SKEPTICAL EYE(brow) by Jamie McIntyre

Jamie_mac_skeptical_eyebrow_2 That look was right after I made the point about their aiding the bad guys by playing the sniper video. The CNN vids are here.

So here is my cry across the internets asking for a shot in the ring on the topic of US and other media and their role in enemy information operations and strategies.


CNN jihadi sniper video
AP's associated w/Sunni terrorists Bilal Hussein
Adnan Hajj Fauxtoshops and Hezbollah press control in Lebanon

To name a few, your suggestions are invited as always.