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Brits join Old Europe on the sidelines

100 comments about the Brits and the Colonels tells me the weather sucks everywhere. Well the story gets lamer as we progress so I will add some thoughts.

Colonels Jacobs and Peters, still jackasses. They attacked the British junior officers and enlisted for following their government's lead, and that made them wrong. Now we have the troopies and the government prostituting themselves to the media, and I am rapidly approaching poxes for all their houses.

This entire sorry affair points out the lack of seriousness of the British as an ally. Not only is their populace deep into America-hating, but their leaders are spineless fools. All of 'em, Labor and Conservative. They cannot be counted on to provide a credible expeditionary military presence anywhere as they have proved they are incapable of even securing their own forces. They are not alone in the old European military hall of shame, oh no, they are actually just the last one to show that it's fangs are gone. Germany, France, and now the Brits are no longer first world forces, and when you factor in the near complete aversion of their citizenry to actual military action they are non-existent. The last hold out in the Western world is the Aussies and John Howard is a blessing, but they have many of the same pathologies of Old Europe as well. Luckily they retain that cowboy mentality along with us. As far as that goes, our capabilities remain unparalleled, but our will is almost gone and we will not be doing much to project power during the next decade or more.

NATO is no use unless the Russians roll tanks they don't have, and not really then and the EU just showed that trade with Iran or any other criminal regime is more important than the lives of it's people. The UN managed a press release, a freaking press release, and in the end we basically bought the Brits back with the Iranians we had scarfed up in Iraq. What a sad and impotent affair. We have yet to lose in Iraq, but we have yet to even show up for the game Iran is playing.

John McCain just rededicated his campaign to victory in Iraq and good on him for it. We have only until January 2009 to make enough ground up that even the press can't avoid discussing a win. If we cannot manage that, we will retreat from the world stage and watch Iran remake the Middle East.

Yeah, so all in all I care a lot less about some Brits poncing about on Iranian TV and now BBC or whatever, and much more about the lack of seriousness of England as a former world power. Who exactly provides a deterrent to bad guys around the world? We are the only ones who can, but our loyal opposition isn't even willing to fight the war we are in.