Uncle J infiltrates CNN
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A Word About Uncle Jimbo on CNN

Uncle Jimbo was surrounded on CNN, and like any paratrooper or SF Soldier, being surrounded is normal SOP.  And he absolutely rocked!

CNN's panels about Iraq are amazing in their level of bias.  Juan Cole (WTH?!), Democrat Strategists, and others are just one indicator.  Several pointed to Gen. McCaffrey's report that states that there is no safe areas in Iraq.  I guess no one mentioned that to 60% of the country (not to mention the Kurds).

[Right after the panel basically declared the war lost, I received an email from an operator in Anbar who said we owned the enemy there.]

There's no doubt that Arwa Damon, Nic Robertson, and the other war zone journalists are very courageous people.  In fact, I think very highly of Arwa Damon aside from courage (I've heard quite a bit of commendation from the troops - Marine and Soldier alike - for her fairness and professionalism).

Barbara Starr is always breathless in her statements. I kind of doubt that many senior military service people would open up to her knowing that she'll blow everything out of proportion or use it to propel her status.

CNN Propaganda? - broadcasting Al Qaeda sniper propaganda, Peter Arnette pronouncing troops slaughtered in Baghdad during the invasion, Eason Jordan making deals with Saddam in exchange for access, and also pronouncing that our troops are intentionally killing journalists.

CNN has a long way to go to win back my trust as a network.  If Jim wasn't on, I wouldn't have watched it.

That said, there are good people at CNN.  And keep in mind that they asked for either Jim or I to be on their program.