Book Review: A Deeper Blue
Book Review: Off Armageddon Reef

Thursday Prefly- Goracle gasifies Capitol Hill

We film the Friday Freefly on Wed. nights because that's when we film it. Today Al Gore spent some time scare-mongering for the more equal pigs of Congress. He becomes more like Captain Planet every day, complete with wildly over the top stories of death and destruction. The problem for Captain Al  is thattThe argument is not about whether humans affect the environment, of course we do. It's about whether we do so in a manner significant enough to cause real harm. Al and the legions of very concerned Planeteers sure think so, but Al is claiming oceans rising 10 times what even the UN is willing to say. And as I mention in the piece, didn't these same scientists predict "the Next Ice Age" back in the '70s? I am unlikely to jump on a bandwagon that is unsure whether we will freeze or fry (and yes I screw that up in the vid). Anyhow I detached this from the Freefly so that wouldn't become the Al Gore is an idiot show, hey does Al Franken write for us?

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