Book Review: Off Armageddon Reef
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The Terminal Guardian

It's getting late and I'm waiting for my (delayed) flight to take off (delayed) from Denver to Chicago.  Did I mention it was delayed?

I'm freakin' stuck at Denver's airport so I walk around for a bit because my flight was delayed (okay, okay, I'll knock it off).  It's a little after 10PM and the terminal is pretty dead.

Except for a nice looking young lady, 30ish, who it looks like is being hassled by some Douchebag.  I'm about to walk over and see what's up when another guy had the same idea.  He gets there first.

HighAndTight. Oxford shirt.  Blue Jeans.  Running Shoes.  Late 30s.  Holding a coffee cup.  Must be an officer or senior NCO.  I haven't been out of it that long to not recognize the universal US Army off duty travel uniform.

"Hi Honey!", says the off duty Soldier as he approaches the girl.

He knows her?

She looks relieved.  Douchebag looks pissed.  I move a little closer in case things got interesting.

"I was wondering when you were going to show up?!" - she gives him a peck on the cheek.  It's not so much of a reprimand as a sense of relief.

He looks the Douchebag up and down - sizing him up.

"Can I help you, sir?", said as nice as he can manage...

Douchebag just stares him down.

The Soldier holds out his left hand.  Girl takes it and they walk away, holding hands.  Douchebag doesn't follow.  But I do.  I'm intrigued.  There's more here...

After they move a few gates down, Soldier lets go of her left hand and holds out his  right hand.

"Hi, I'm Bill.  Bill Smith."  Introducing himself.  Suddenly, he's very self concious, very official-like.  They shake hands.   

"Hi, Bill-Bill Smith.  I'm Julie."  She doesn't let go of his hand and she's smiling at this stranger who was concerned for her.

There's an attraction there.  Strangers hitting it off.  They seem like very genuine people.  Suddenly, I feel ashamed for listening in and go back to keep an eye on Douchebag.

In a bit of sweet kharma, I start writing about Douchebag while sitting next to him.  Because I have nothing better to do since my flight is delayed again...