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The Blog of War on NPR's 848

Chicago Public Radio's 848 treated me (and the other authors of The Blog of War) very, very well.  It always seems that the public outlets (NPR and C-SPAN) are the most fair and even handed organizations that I have worked with...

Here's the link to the podcast:

Digital Diaries in a Warzone

Media coverage of the war in Iraq has come under intense criticism over the last four years.

There have been questions about the use of embedded journalists, media blackouts, security breaches and the breadth and balance of coverage from all sides.

But the mass media and the Department of Defense haven’t been the only ones writing the news.

So-called military blogs–or milblogs – have become a primary source of information for many.

They refer to the thousands of personal websites created and written by soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan or their loved ones...