Happy St. Patrick's Day
Chris Muir Does It Again

St. Patty's Day protests in Madison

Today was supposed to be a day of massive antiwar protests across the country. My observations and reports from DC say the antis failed to convince many people to chant and march instead of drink and sing. MM has the skinny on DC with pics, links and vids.

I took the boy and dog downtown to see what my local moonbats had on tap. They did a pretty good job, but there was just no fire in the belly and it felt like a wake not a party. The highlight was my boy Miles the anarchist, who got scarfed up by the police at the Nazi rally. He was there with about a dozen black bandanna types, and the wonderful, anarchist peace train. Kid's got game.

The whole story and a much longer video showing all the pre-march festivities, which concludes with an evil W giant puppet show, Woo Hoo! Here at the revamping Uncle Jimbo site.