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St. Patrick's Day Aftermath

1.  Discovered that there is such a thing as too much Jamesons...I conducted the experiment myself.

2.  Broke up five fights.  Someone accidentally dumped a Guinness on me.  I tried to wring it out of my sweater into a cup for them to finish it...I have some cut up knuckles (*cough* not sure why) to show for it.

3.  Hit about ten pubs in about 10 hours...not bad...

4.  The best moment was when we were sitting around a table at the Galway Arms.  I had a mixture of Army pals, friends from work, DC, and the neighborhood and we were all laughing so much that most of us had tears streaming down our faces.  I remember thinking that it doesn't get any better than that and that we probably won't ever haven't a moment like that again.  I tried to savor it.  Typical Irish bittersweet thought...

All in all, a good day.  No one got hurt, nor put in jail, and I had many of my friends together in one place.

Only 364 more days until the next one...