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Some grist for the mill

Since Matty O' is lollygagging on the beach, and nothing really chafed my cones when I read the usual suspects today, I will dust off some stuff from the basement archives of, which I am renovating. Most of these predate my jaw-flapping here.

I met our local Air America station host, Lee Rayburn, and began a still-ongoing argument with him. When he found out I was working in the Defense industry he thought it would be funny to have a contractor sponsor his show. I recorded him an ad which he played on his show quite a few times.

Mic 92.1- Secret Pictures of You (SPY) Coalition

Next is a classic, which I didn't write, about the difference between Rangers and Special Forces. Go easy there RgrMom.

Rangers v. Special Forces

And another of the funny, stolen from some Dutch website.

Bunny Suicides

Yeah that's right deep thoughts on the high road today.