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March 2007

Love Me When I'm Gone

Saw this one on YouTube. I liked the music. Loved the subject. And, obviously, feel pretty deeply about the heroes in this tribute.

Love them when they are here. Appreciate them for what they do just by volunteering to place themselves between you and everything that's bad out there.

Love them when they are here.

And love them when they are gone.

'Nuff said.

Subsunk out.

Real American Idols

I am, apparently, one of the few who has never really watched or otherwise gotten into American Idol. The few times I have accidentally flipped through it, I've usually encountered some who make my yodelling sound good, or otherwise remind me of a theorem about cats in a room full of rockers. Obviously, I've never really seen the final stages (other than one time when a local -- who has an excellent voice, I will admit), made it to the finals. I am also one of "those" people who have reservations about the cult of celebrity.

Therefore, I was delighted to find an Idol program that I liked, and heartily recommend you check out as well. My thanks to the producer for an excellent job.

who LOVED the music

Marine Special Operations Company Expelled from Afghanistan

Anyone have any intel on this?

Rowan Scarborough, The Examiner
Mar 23, 2007 11:52 AM (5 hrs ago)
Current rank: # 1 of 20,963

WASHINGTON - The top American general in Afghanistan has expelled a U.S. Marine special operations company for the way the men responded to an ambush March 4, Marine sources said.

Maj. Cliff Gilmore, a spokesman for Marine Special Operations Command, confirmed to The Examiner that the company of 120 Marines is redeploying.

He said the decision followed an ambush on the company's convoy by a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device. A second Marine source said the Marines retaliated and some civilians were killed...

More here.

Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

I sure hope that this legislation does not embolden the enemy, make General Petraeus's job and our operations more difficult, etc. 

...With Democrats holding 233 seats and Republicans with 201, Democrats were able to afford only 15 ``no'' votes. Accordingly, Pelosi, and her leadership team spent days trying to convince members that the bill was Congress' best chance of forcing Bush to change course - an argument that was aided when they added more than $20 billion in domestic spending in an effort to lure votes.

They got a breakthrough Thursday when four of the bill's most consistent critics said they would not stand in its way. California Democrats Lynn Woolsey, Diane Watson, Barbara Lee and Maxine Waters said they would help round up support for the bill despite their intention to personally vote against it because it would not end the war immediately...

Surrender monkeys.

It's too bad that a majority of Congress doesn't have the metal that our military does.

If you get a OIF or OEF troop reaction to this, email me.  I'd like to know what they think of this support from our politicians.

Michael Yon Being Booted???

It seems that once again Michael Yon has been threatened with expulsion from Iraq. Not sure who the General is, but it makes me wonder if they are one of the ones you see jam a pistol in the front of their pants with the hammer back and safety off... Yes, I do think it equivalent, especially as we seemed determined to lose the information war. This is just one example of how some in leadership strive hard to ensure the enemy controls the field. Feh.

HT: Captain's Quarters


Book Review: Hell's Gate

The second book David gave me last summer was Hell's Gate. It also poses a most interesting question: what happens when two civilizations, one founded on magic and the other founded on technology (and psi) encounter each other under the worst possible circumstances?

This collaboration with Linda Evans looks at what does happen, and is simply outstanding. It is richly textured, with excellent characters and characterizations, imagery, and all the historical and realistic underpinnings that can take a novel to an even higher level. It simply is one of the best fiction/action books I have read in some time, with elements of fantasy, science fiction, and historical fiction woven into a delightful tapestry that enthrals, entertains, and even teaches a bit. The collaboration between David Weber and Linda Evans brings out the best in both, and works on a level I've not seen since Jane Lindskold collaborated with the late, great, Roger Zelazny.

No more, for to get into why I like it so much would spoil. Simply trust me and go read it, and while you are off doing that, I plan to read the next book in the series.


Friday Freefly 04- Bribes for antiwar votes & Iraq news

Today's Freefly starts with the, sadly, all too common vote buying to gain enough support for the Democrats plan to cut and walk one year from now.  The Politico

That additional money was attractive for at least one lawmaker, Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.), an Out of Iraq Caucus member. His spokeswoman, Danielle Langone, cited $400 million for a one-year reauthorization of the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act.

"That's pretty vital for our district, so we'll be voting for the bill," Langone said.

UPDATE: Looks like they are reeling the wacked out left back into the boat and may pass this sad legislation. I do hope it passes the Senate so W can put the veto boot to it.

Four prominent liberal Democrats said Thursday they have given House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) the support she needs to pass the $124 billion wartime spending bill, even though they remain steadfastly opposed to any additional funding for the war.

From Pajamas Media- Iraq the Model

The Al-bu Issa tribes in Amiriyat al-Fallujah, backed by local police and the MNF, clashed today with members of the al-Qaeda linked “Islamic State in Iraq” terror organization, according to al-Hurra TV.

Next some important headgear and dessert-related info.

March 20, 2007 -- 'I WALKED down the streets of Ramadi a few days ago, in a soft cap eating an ice cream with the mayor on one side of me and the police chief on the other, having a conversation." This simple act, Gen. David Petraeus told me, would have been "unthinkable" just a few months ago. "And nobody shot at us," he added.

Since the Gorebot was in last weeks Freefly, he was booted from this one to his own Thursday Pre-fly- Goracle gasifies Capitol Hill

You can subscribe to my video channel and see the rest of the Freefly's and other stuff here.

UPDATE: Mary Katharine Ham has an excellent new Ham Nation up, but hit her blog's homepage 'cuz there is a WOW picture in a movie plug. Mmm Mmm Mmm. Not that MKH isn't smokin'.

Allah has the pathetic news that all the bribes worked and they are now in favor of defeat.

British Military in the News

First, if you aren't checking MilBlogs everyday you're missing out on the latest on the military in the War on Terror.  Greyhawk writes of Prince Harry and his government's decision to allow him to serve in an area that has seen 10 Brits killed and 60 wounded in the last few months.  Give them Hell, Harry.

Chuck at America's North Shore Journal writes of the Marine and the Queen.  This is a very cool post by Chuck.

And from the Ministry of Defense, two British sailors are killed in a submarine accident at sea:

It is with great sadness that the Ministry of Defence has confirmed the deaths of Leading Operator Mechanic Paul McCann and Operator Maintainer (Weapons Submariner) 2 Anthony Huntrod in an accident aboard HMS Tireless on 21 March 2007.

One submariner was also injured. He was airlifted to a US military hospital, where he remains. His injuries are not life-threatening and he is expected to make a full recovery.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the HMS Tireless crew and the McCann and Huntrod families.

And the first female in the British military is awarded a military cross:

...During an operation to disrupt mortar and rocket attacks in Al Amarah, Maysan Province, a UK Warrior Armoured vehicle was disabled and during its recovery British troops came under repeated attack from rocket propelled grenades (RPG) and small arms fire from insurgents using large, hostile crowds for cover.

Private Norris, aged just 19 and deployed as a medical orderly with The Queen's Royal Hussars Battle Group, was in another Warrior involved in the recovery. When her vehicle came under attack, the commander took a potentially fatal shot to the head from a sniper. Private Norris climbed out of the vehicle to tend his wounds while the sniper continued firing and other small arms and RPG fire continued around her. With the help of a colleague she was able to get her commander back into the vehicle...

Fayetteville Observer on the NYTimes

A bunch of you have sent me this "calling out" by Fayetteville Observer military reporter Kevin Maurer about a recent story in the NYTimes:

David S. Cloud’s story in the New York Times, Army Brigade Finds Itself Stretched Thin , is riddled with errors.

The mistakes start in the second paragraph...

Kevin keeps it short and succinct.  Check it out.

Update:  Lurking Vet sends this link to one of Kevin's recent pieces about his thoughts on the surge and tactics needed to win hearts and minds in the Arab World.