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Troop Reaction to the Democrats

Previously, I had asked for and received a lot of email from troops around the world (but mostly in Iraq and Afghanistan) about the Democrat resolutions for retreat...especially, in the face of the surge and a new Commanding General that the Democrats unamimously approved of...

I haven't received one troop email that supports the Democrat position of cut and run.

From a soldier just returned to Ft. Hood from Iraq:

A lot of the guys in my unit can't stand the weak, whiny, nonsense that is comming from Congress. I know it makes me sick to think these people run our great country into the ground.

And from Camp Victory, anger:

I am in Camp Victory... I was in Tallil, and Balad in '03/'04...I am sickened by the treasonous actions of the Democrats.  I believe that they should consider themselves lucky that the Armed Forces, that they so readily give up for sacrifice, don't turn their weapons on the most dangerous of our enemies in this

From Kuwait:

As a sailor in Kuwait (it sounds weird to me too), I just want to tell you that those cowardly, greedy, short-sighted, spineless pieces of you know what that voted for this abortion of bill, should all be forced to come here for tour, just for a reality check. How can they complain about the Iraqi government not STEPPING UP, when the Congress is all but falling down!  Talk about factions and greed!  I can't believe the pork in that bill.   If such an arbitrary date is not harmful, and we are leaving regardless of conditions, WHY NOT cut off funding for the Iraq campaign, and have us home tomorrow?  Oh, right, they would look bad.  The election news wouldn't hide it.   Oh, yeah, election........  They believe that THEY will be in charge in November.....God forbid that there are any messy international problems, especially ones that they VOTED FOR AND AUTHORIZED!   

What's worse, however, is the reaction of their parents.  I've received a lot of email from parents who describe heart-breaking phone calls with their sons and daughters in Iraq.  They are counseling these young Americans who are now questioning why they are fighting for a group of people that are duplicitous, spineless, and certainly not worthy of them.  IMHO, if you want to talk about damaging morale, this could be the final straw.

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