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NY Times- The Must-Not-Do List

The New York Times has some unsurprisingly, atrocious advice for the President.

Our list starts with three fundamental tasks:

Restore Habeas Corpus

One of the new act’s most indecent provisions denies anyone Mr. Bush labels an “illegal enemy combatant” the ancient right to challenge his imprisonment in court.

You will have to read me the part where the Constitution extended that right to all beings in the universe, especially non-citizens engaged in acts explicitly designed to revoke said Constitution.

Stop Illegal Spying

Mr. Bush’s program of intercepting Americans’ international calls and e-mail messages without a warrant has not ceased.


The agreement announced recently — under which a secret court supposedly gave its blessing to the program — did nothing to restore judicial process or ensure that Americans’ rights are preserved.

The rest of as much fisking I could stomach at unclejimbo.com