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Milwaukee moonbats befoul themselves

OK folks, I did my bit for everybody gettin' along when I made the anti hippie ass mudhole stomping video, but some clowns in Milwaukee have made me think about a temporary recission of the ban. h/t Jessica McBride and MM up late.

JS Online- Officers were called to the 3100 block of Oakland Ave. around 8 p.m. were Iraq War protesters clad in black, carrying torches and wearing ski masks were reportedly setting off smoke bombs and throwing paint as they approached an Army recruiting center on the block, said Sgt. Eric Pfeiffer, of the Milwaukee Police Department.

Someone threw an object through the recruitment center's window and spread what appears to be human waste inside before running off, Pfeiffer said.

Four people were in police custody and nearly 20 more were being questioned nearby about their involvement in the vandalism, Pfeiffer said.

As much as I hate it, we must still maintain the high ground, so the proscription against direct retaliation remains. Although the public safety exemption does allow the extinguishing of burning banners by wrapping them around the punk who lit them and rolling them down a hill or into a lake. Further updates to the MROE (Moonbat Rules of Engagement) as events warrant.