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Ken from Banter in Atlanter sends this link to a world class nuttah. Skydiving, wings and rockets, need I say more.

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I have gotten email about Pat Tillman's family and their ongoing requests for more investigations. The subject is on the list for the Friday Freefly, which we film tonight and Kev is pretty chafed. For now I will say this, we know what happened to him, he died in a friendly fire accident. We know the Army lied about the circumstances, likely for two reasons. One to make the Army and the Rangers look better, and two to give Tillman a legacy. Both are wrong, but not in an evil fashion, and not in a way that demands a witch hunt. Several generals have ended their careers by making these mistakes.

Pat Tillman deserves massive respect for walking away from millions to serve his country, and it is sad  that he died doing so. But it was not a conspiracy and had nothing to do with Iraq or anything else beyond a tragedy in Afghanistan and some folks who shoulda' just told the whole truth.

Plus take a look at what would be the anti-Sheehan.

A couple days ago a paratrooper linked to A Co. 2d brigade was lost in Iraq.  He was from South Portland, Me.  My son is a recruiter in the Portland area after doing 3 tours in Iraq with A Co. 2/235 82nd.  The trooper's mother is someone we all should know, ckeck out the above link.  This "grieving mother" came and thanked recruiter who had signed up her son and thanked the recuiters (especially those with jump wings) for all they had done to keep this country safe!!!!!   My son could not believe what he was hearing!!!!!  The 82nd is sending a burial detachment up for the funeral, 300 patriot guards are coming because about a week ago some of the nuts from Kansas showed up in Maine at the funeral of a fallen Marine.  My son spent the rest of the day helping the mother ( and the rest of the recuiting office) put up yellow ribbons all over the city of South Portland, Me.  As you will see from the videos this is a mother to counter Cindy Scheehan (sp).  This is someone who deserves your "Someone You Should Know" treatment.
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Good Gravy, when the heck is Matty O' going to get his lazy butt back here? I have more stuff y'all sent and I will see what else I can put up later.