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March 2007

Spiritual Warfare - DJ Emery

Thanks to Jimbo for the below post and request for prayers.

I'm asking for more than prayers.  At this point, we need a miracle.

Email the original post to your friends and families.  Ask them to have their churches, synagogues, or mosques to offer prayers for DJ.  I will ask our minister in Ft. Myers to do this tomorrow.

DJ's Status:  Both his legs have been amputated and are infected.  DJ's stomach wound is infected and can't be closed until the infection is gone.  And his kidneys are not working still...

DJ's Sergeant Major, Joseph Ellis, died trying to protect DJ...because DJ was worth it. 

Get going, friends.  Do what you do best.

Spiritual Warfare request

Reader Carrie alerts us that a great Marine and quality person is still fighting the injuries he sustained back in early February. Matt's original story about DJ.


Marine Corporal David Emery Jr. of the Battalion Landing Team of the 2nd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment, 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit was serving in Iraq.  David, aka "DJ", graduated high school in 2003.  He is married to the beautiful lass in the above photo, Leslie, and she is pregnant.  DJ's unit was extended past their rotation date of January 1st and he was hoping to make it home in time for his child's birth.

On February 7th, 2007, DJ was at a checkpoint near a crowded place when a terrorist walked up to the Marines.  DJ's Battalion Sergeant Major, Joseph Ellis (a recon Marine of 23 years), suspected that a bomber was approaching and put himself between the bomber and his Marines.

The bomber quickly detonated himself, instantly killing Sergeant Major Ellis.  The Sergeant Major's sacrifice absorbed enough of the blast to barely keep DJ from being killed.  DJ was hit hard in his abdomen - an artery was cut causing kidney failure - both legs and one arm were shattered, and, in fact, his wounds were so severe that doctors didn't think that he'd make it.

He's had multiple surgeries since then and could truly use some help. I know many of you have already had him in your prayers, all I can say is pray a little bit harder. There is contact info for the family in Matt's piece.

Fighting Fire with Napalm

Update:  Jimbo has the same idea in the post below.

Yeah, yeah, I know that I'm not supposed to be blogging right now.  This is important.

Q: "What would you like to say to those who want American troops to leave Iraq tomorrow?"

A:"I can only imagine the tragic consequences that would follow...and the blood... and the price we'd have to pay....a disaster..."

Things are just getting off the ground on this, and I'll be supporting, heavily, the raising of funds for pro-victory candidates at the Victory PAC.  Marc Danziger is leading the charge on this and I fully believe that we, WE, can make a difference rather quickly.  My feelings about foreign policy, politicians, and our ability to impact how the war on terror is fought are summed up succinctly by Marc:

...During that time I was blogging about the war and issues around it here, felt I was doing my part, and hoped that the leadership of the country would wake up and realize that public support for hard things - like wars - must be earned and maintained.

I've given up, and decided that it's up to each of us to start doing more. To that end, I've decided to start a PAC that will offer support to Congressional candidates of either party who support a foreign policy that doesn't involve wishing problems away. Not necessarily support for the invasion of Iraq, or blind allegiance to White House policies - but some plan that's better than taking our ball and going home and leaving the country and region to become a bloodbath that will asssuredly spread to our shores. All I ask is that they have some clue as to what we should do about violent radicalism in the Islamic world other than surrender, withdraw, and hope for the best...

Read Marc's intent at Winds of Change.  You can pledge your support here.

Armed Liberal and the VictoryPAC

I've always asked the radicals how their revolution could work when the right has most of the guns. A stranger situation emerges when an avowed liberal, who has shorn his dreadlocks, foresworn sing song chanting, and is able to contemplate the use of force without needing a cleansing shows up, OK I made most of that up and I will let Marc Danziger tell you about his cunning plan.

I'm a liberal Democrat (pro-gay marriage, pro-choice, pro-progressive taxation, pro-equal rights, pro-environmental regulation, pro-public schools) who supported and supports the war in Iraq. As I tell my liberal friends "Did I miss the part where it was progressive not to fight medieval religious fascists?"

I've been waiting for four years for the White House to start really explaining the war to the American people, and to do anything sensible at all to maintain the political capital necessary to keep America in the fight - to keep us from withdrawing because the war is too messy, or too long, or just plain makes us feel bad.......

I've given up, and decided that it's up to each of us to start doing more. To that end, I've decided to start a PAC that will offer support to Congressional candidates of either party who support a foreign policy that doesn't involve wishing problems away.

He's absolutely right and biting off a big piece to chew on. Definitely see what this is about.

Friday Freefly 05- Steve Irwin v. CNN's Michael Ware

We did film a Freefly and it was good but I think the Gods thought we swore too much so they killed it. Today at lunch I filmed a quick replacement contrasting two Aussies: The Croc-o-gator Hunter Steve Irwin and CNN's Baghdad VIC (Varmint in Charge) Michael Ware. The Cable shows have recently had Ware on breathlessly deriding comments from John McCain and Joe Lieberman that Baghdad was not simply hell on earth. I mean who better to know that you can't leave the Green Zone without being instantly slaughtered than him. He didn't leave and voila, he's still alive.

Oh yeah, you can subscribe to my video drivel here.

The Nose knows Rosie

Potfry sends some well-needed funny, Oh yeah, since I've been bitchin', we filmed the Friday Freefly and it didn't work. So anyhow on with the funny:

Top 9 Little Known Facts About Rosie O’Donnell

9. Rosie’s burka size is “3-Tent.”

8. After a successful run as Han Solo’s co-pilot in the Star Wars series, Rosie decided to shave most of her body and seriously harshen her voice in an effort to avoid being typecast for future projects.

7. Back in elementary school, the other kids used to call Rosie’s private area “The Gulf of Stankin’.”

6. (tie) Big Sigmund and The Sea Monsters fan.

6. (tie) When adopting her children, Rosie was put through the same stringent screening process that was implemented by parents before dropping their kids off at Neverland Ranch for an overnight in the early 1990’s.

5. Elizabeth Hasselback is often outnumbered 3:1 on debates during The View. At other times, Joy Behar and Barbara Walters join in.

4. Impervious to tranquilizers, the only way to stop a charging Rosie is to curl up in a ball and pretend to be a girl’s high school softball team.

3. Rosie single-handedly caused Burger King to modify their “have it your way” policy when the “special order” on her Whopper included six pancakes, two dozen chicken wings, and the blood of a newborn Republican.

2. Rosie can eat her bodyweight in stupid.

1. After jumping the shark, Rosie turned back, snapped its neck, and then ate it. 

(Disclaimer: Any similarities between TNOYF’s “Top 9″ lists and other organizations “Top 10″ lists are purely coincidental. As you can see, our lists have 9, theirs have 10. Way different.)

Fighting terrorists who are using chemical weapons in Iraq

Bill Ardolino from INDC Journal sends info from a unit he was embedded with.


Thought you might be interested in the detail of the chlorine gas attack on the Fallujah Government Center, from the MiTT commander who was there. Key graf:

". The USMC/Iraqi team was sluggin' it out side by side. Something to see. US Marines and Jundi still gasping for air, fighting side by side. Some jundi still in their sleeping sweats or shower sandals refusing to be evacuated, fighting back with their AKs and PKCs into enemy positions. Yes, some of these jundi got what it takes."


Bill Ardolino

Right on, and Bring it on!


Just a short one to clear my palate which right now tastes like I've chewed my way through 18 miles of shite. I'm sick and sick of it all. Which brings me to the acronym of the day:


I assume I don't need to elaborate, google if you must. I am on record stating this is the crappiest planet I have ever lived on, and lately it has been proving me out. I am an optimist but comes a point and I'm there. My private life sucks, professionally I still kick ass, but the rest makes that meaningless. FTW! Picture me on top of a mountain, back arched, arms raised, making a noise that flattens forests. FTW!

Now I'm done, chastened by the much greater sacrifices borne  by all those we read about and meet here. But FTW for that happening to them as well.

I'm not trolling for sympathy or empathy, just venting so I don't choke some poor bastard. I know I will get a lot of buck up Uncle J messages and I appreciate the coolness of the B5 readership.

Rule 24

I was one of Webb's supporters in his run for the Senate, but I must admit that I now must seriously question the judgment either of him or of a member of his staff.  I am of course speaking of this incident:

Sen. Jim Webb, facing a barrage of questions about the arrest of an aide who tried to take a loaded handgun into a Senate office building, said Tuesday that the move was "inadvertent."

At a news conference, Mr. Webb, D-Va., denied reports that he had given the weapon to his aide, but he otherwise deflected questions from a crush of reporters seeking answers about the specifics of the case, and instead used the opportunity to declare his right to bear arms and "defend myself and my family."

The aide, Phillip Thompson, 45, was arrested Monday morning when he put a bag with a 9mm handgun and two clips of ammunition into the X-ray machine at the entrance to the Russell Senate Office Building, where Mr. Webb's office is located. Mr. Thompson, whom Mr. Webb described as a "longtime friend and fine individual," pleaded not guilty to felony gun charges on Tuesday and was released on his own recognizance.

My concern isn't so much Captain Ed's:  why Webb is apparently hanging a longtime friend and fellow former Marine out to dry.  I have a more basic concern in mind.

One or another of these gentlemen has directly violated Rule 24.  Violating the law in D.C., that's one thing -- it's a bad law and one might argue, at least in some circumstances, that breaking it is a show of good judgment. 

There can be no such justification for violating the Rules.  Learn it, live it, love it.

Troop Reaction to the Democrats

Previously, I had asked for and received a lot of email from troops around the world (but mostly in Iraq and Afghanistan) about the Democrat resolutions for retreat...especially, in the face of the surge and a new Commanding General that the Democrats unamimously approved of...

I haven't received one troop email that supports the Democrat position of cut and run.

From a soldier just returned to Ft. Hood from Iraq:

A lot of the guys in my unit can't stand the weak, whiny, nonsense that is comming from Congress. I know it makes me sick to think these people get...to run our great country into the ground.

And from Camp Victory, anger:

I am in Camp Victory... I was in Tallil, and Balad in '03/'04...I am sickened by the treasonous actions of the Democrats.  I believe that they should consider themselves lucky that the Armed Forces, that they so readily give up for sacrifice, don't turn their weapons on the most dangerous of our enemies in this

From Kuwait:

As a sailor in Kuwait (it sounds weird to me too), I just want to tell you that those cowardly, greedy, short-sighted, spineless pieces of you know what that voted for this abortion of bill, should all be forced to come here for tour, just for a reality check. How can they complain about the Iraqi government not STEPPING UP, when the Congress is all but falling down!  Talk about factions and greed!  I can't believe the pork in that bill.   If such an arbitrary date is not harmful, and we are leaving regardless of conditions, WHY NOT cut off funding for the Iraq campaign, and have us home tomorrow?  Oh, right, they would look bad.  The election news wouldn't hide it.   Oh, yeah, election........  They believe that THEY will be in charge in November.....God forbid that there are any messy international problems, especially ones that they VOTED FOR AND AUTHORIZED!   

What's worse, however, is the reaction of their parents.  I've received a lot of email from parents who describe heart-breaking phone calls with their sons and daughters in Iraq.  They are counseling these young Americans who are now questioning why they are fighting for a group of people that are duplicitous, spineless, and certainly not worthy of them.  IMHO, if you want to talk about damaging morale, this could be the final straw.

Be sure to visit Victory Caucus every day over the next week.  We're working on some things and we'll need your help to get them done.