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Help Build A Veterans Memorial - Kalispell, Montana

Grim alerted me to this project run by the Flathead County Elks who are building a memorial in Kalispell, Montana. From the website about the memorial:


It is our purpose to erect a permanent and lasting memorial to all Flathead County service members, living and dead, who have sacrificed so much to defend and protect our lives, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. A place where county residents can gather on Memorial and Veteran's days to honor all who have served. This memorial will be located in Veteran's Park at Main and Center streets in Kalispell, Montana.

At the site, there are instructions for how you can donate via mail (here's the form).  There is also a PayPal account set up. Chuck Olson is the local businessman in charge of fundraising.  At PayPal send donations to  [email protected] (If you are purchasing a brick, you need to put what you want inscribed on it in the note section or you can send Chuck a follow-up e-mail. If you wish to purchase a bronze statue, you will need to include a shipping address.) .  You can also email him with questions.


In case you're wondering why two guys from Chicago and Georgia are writing about a Kalispell memorial... (1) Grim was contacted by one of our readers from the Elks, (2) my best summers were spent there when I was a kid, and (3) IT'S A MEMORIAL.