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GEN Robin Olds

For anyone familiar in any way, shape or form with military aviation in general and WW2 and Vietnam Air Force aviation in particular, that name will ring a loud bell.

General Olds, as a young lieutenant in the Second World War flying P-51 Mustangs,  shot down 13 German planes and destroyed 11.5 others on the ground. As a Colonel in Vietnam, he added four MiGs for a total of 17 kills.Olds

According to an email my dad received this evening and passed on to me,  the following is offered to Blackfive readers:

Dean Smith, one of Robin Olds' closest friends, reports that he's in a hospital bed, but doing a good job of remaining upbeat. But he no longer has direct email service, nor can Robin respond to your telephone calls. Occasionally he's on supplemental oxygen, and I understand that his illness is very critical. 

How to contact Robin ?
Dean suggests we quickly begin an email 'campaign' to lend much-needed support from those of us  who know and respect him...and email our brief and meaningful messages to Robin by way of his friend, Dean Smith.
You may direct your email to Dean [ email address below ] who has offered to print, then hand-carry paper copies to Robin.
Please make sure your email's SUBJECT line is as follows : Support For Gen. Olds  Then send your brief, specific ' good memory ' or positive message to Dean Smith : [email protected] for hand-delivery.

If you aren't familiar with this triple-ace-plus, read up on GEN Olds and his role in formulating probably one of the best MiG killing operations ever, Operation BOLO, here.

I met GEN Olds once, down at Oceana Naval Air Station back in 88 or 89 when he came to give a talk to an auditorium full of young, fired-up and full-of-piss-and-vinegar Tomcat crews.    Larger than life and with more flying stories than anyone could shake a stick at, the experience of shaking his hand and simply being in his presence (even IF he was a Blue Suiter!) is a highlight of my aviation career.P017_1

Drop him an email if you can.  He is a true American hero and we need to let him know that.