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Gathering of Eagles- Moonbat safety tips video

I am loathe to disagree with Matty O', but he is wrong about that most important video you will see today thing. Now he didn't know I had this little nugget up my sleeve, so it's not really his bust. I mean c'mon, how can a bit where a reporter shares some heart-felt reflections on our troops and the war and shows some true humanity compete with me making fun of hippies. It's not even close, hippies every time. So clock in for some training for those who will be in DC for the Gathering of Eagles this weekend,  Uncle J's safety tips for dealing with moonbats.

Reader Paul "V5" will be manning the ramparts and sends this:

Any disabled veteran - and their families and, of course GOE supporters - that wish to pre-stage at the Springfield-Franconia Metro (in Fairfax County, Virginia) parking garage will be allowed to use my Smart Card to exit the garage at the end of the day. Free of charge, of course.

I’ll be at the Springfield-Franconia Metro parking garage around 6:30-7:00 a.m. (earlier if need be) and will be happy to assist getting out of town veterans/GOE supporters the correct Metro fare tickets with directions to down-town.

If there is anyone that wishes to pre-stage there please let me know. Also, if there is anyone that wishes to assist me, I’d appreciate it.

Since it’s supposed to be good weather I will be parking on the roof-level of the garage, that’s as good a landmark as any for pre-staging.

Also, Saturday weather: Sunny-partly cloudy; mid 40s - from

contact email: copinawheelchair at hotmail dot com