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Fighting Fire with Napalm

Update:  Jimbo has the same idea in the post below.

Yeah, yeah, I know that I'm not supposed to be blogging right now.  This is important.

Q: "What would you like to say to those who want American troops to leave Iraq tomorrow?"

A:"I can only imagine the tragic consequences that would follow...and the blood... and the price we'd have to pay....a disaster..."

Things are just getting off the ground on this, and I'll be supporting, heavily, the raising of funds for pro-victory candidates at the Victory PAC.  Marc Danziger is leading the charge on this and I fully believe that we, WE, can make a difference rather quickly.  My feelings about foreign policy, politicians, and our ability to impact how the war on terror is fought are summed up succinctly by Marc:

...During that time I was blogging about the war and issues around it here, felt I was doing my part, and hoped that the leadership of the country would wake up and realize that public support for hard things - like wars - must be earned and maintained.

I've given up, and decided that it's up to each of us to start doing more. To that end, I've decided to start a PAC that will offer support to Congressional candidates of either party who support a foreign policy that doesn't involve wishing problems away. Not necessarily support for the invasion of Iraq, or blind allegiance to White House policies - but some plan that's better than taking our ball and going home and leaving the country and region to become a bloodbath that will asssuredly spread to our shores. All I ask is that they have some clue as to what we should do about violent radicalism in the Islamic world other than surrender, withdraw, and hope for the best...

Read Marc's intent at Winds of Change.  You can pledge your support here.