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Drugs, Guns & Gold- Afghani Black

UPDATE: Jack comments that a fight against illegal drugs is not hysterical. I agree, and my beef is with our war on supplies overseas, which is actually counter-productive. I wish we had spent every dime we have wasted on that, on treatment for the users who can actually be helped. 

Since we are busy trying to screw up our efforts to pacify Afghanistan with our puritanical hysteria over drugs, it seemed like a good time for this. About this time two years ago I wanted to see if I could write fiction, so over Spring Break I spent five days sitting on my back porch and banged out about 15,000 words. The story is about the drug war in Afghanistan, but also the flawed humans fighting it. I have been informed that my naming procedures are wrong for the Afghans, and I’m sure there are numerous other mistakes, but I’ll take it for a first effort. The pic is my buddy Sammy in Kabul on the one year anniversary of 9/11, he died when his stomach blew up from far too many vicodin for far too long. CONTENT WARNING- Creative, but accurate, use of profanity throughout.

The story is here in seven chapters: Drugs, Guns & Gold- Afghani Black