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Cpl Sanchez and the intolerant haters on the right

The left has always awarded themselves the moral high ground as the ones who care so much for all creatures, and who are tolerant and love diversity and....forget it I'm gonna yak. Those of us who do not share their progressive, socialist view of the world are haters, making all our decisions specifically to keep the "others" down. It's always been BS, but the shameless hypocrisy of the left in this regard has rarely been so starkly portrayed.

Michelle Malkin had her picture taken with CPL Matt Sanchez at the CPAC event last week and now that everyone one knows Sanchez is a member of Teh Gay and even more fun a gay porn star, the left is losing it's mind and their true tolerance and love of diversity is showing. They tolerate and love all people of any flavor as long as they toe the progressive line. Step one inch over the line and you are no longer black, or Hispanic or even gay for that matter. Your victim card is yanked and now you are worse, you are an apostate from the Church of those who hate churches. From MM.

Cpl. Sanchez sent me a link and text of the original version of a piece published last night in Salon. I am reprinting the entire piece here. It is a powerful message about the hypocrisy of liberals, the pernicious effects of the pornography industry on the soul, the phoniness of "diversity" rhetoric, and the utter pettiness of the scandal-mongers--more powerful than any Washington pundit or social policy expert could send.

This sums it up:

Why did I become a conservative? Just look at what I left, and look at who is attacking me today.

Cpl. Sanchez, it was an honor to meet you and a privilege to know you.

Follow the link to Cpl Sanchez' piece and you will read a tale of someone who looked into the eye of the libertine liberal dragon and despaired (reference?). I haven't met you Sanchez, but you seem to have your shite wired tight to me.